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Good Plasticity Of Aluminum Profile
Sep 22, 2017

Now a lot of electronic products shell material mainly for the aluminum profile, aluminum products have become the electronics industry, one of the mainstream products. Aluminum profiles have the advantages of:

1, aluminum density is very small, 2.7g/cm, only 35% of steel. This makes the container easy to implement lightweight. The surface of aluminum naturally produces a dense layer of aluminium film, Aluminum Profile a colorless film that prevents further oxidation.

2, aluminum profile non-toxic tasteless, in line with packaging food hygiene standards.

3, the surface gloss of aluminum profile is high, easy to color, Aluminum Profile printing effect is good.

4. The opening performance of easy opening lid made of aluminum profile is better than that of tin-plated plate.

5. The reflective performance and conduction performance of the aluminum profile are excellent, which can improve the heat sterilization of canned food and the effect of low temperature treatment.

6, the mechanical properties of aluminum profiles can remain unchanged at low temperature, Aluminum Profile especially suitable for frozen food packaging.

7, the composite film made of aluminum is completely airtight and opaque, which can effectively protect the inside food. Aluminum foil can also improve the strength of the composite film.

8 waste can be recycled, can save energy and prevent waste caused by pollution, to meet environmental requirements.

9, aluminum profiles, the appearance of exquisite, good plasticity;

10, the strength of the aluminum profile, in the thickness of the PDU can's aluminum profile thickness of 1.7mm, so that do very long will not be variant, can do, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters or longer specifications, very flexible;

11, aluminum profile of its material factors achieved its high level of fire and explosion-proof performance;

12. Aluminum profile is one of the components of metal which is less easily oxidized and has long service life.

Aluminum profiles have steel, Tiegu does not have the tensile and conductivity, Aluminum Profile is widely used in various fields, the current market application of aluminum profiles are concentrated in the following areas:

1. Windows and doors of the building doors and windows aluminum profiles built.

2. CPU Radiator Special Radiator aluminum profiles.

3. Aluminum alloy shelves aluminium profiles. They differ in the shape of the cross-section, Aluminum Profile but are produced by hot melt extrusion.

4. Aluminum profile. Mainly used in automation machinery and equipment, cover the skeleton and the company according to their own mechanical furniture aluminum profiles require custom-made mold, such as pipeline conveyor belt, hoist, dispensing machine, testing equipment and so on, Aluminum Profile electronic machinery industry and dust-free room used mostly.

5. Furniture aluminum profiles. Mainly used in the production of a variety of new furniture.