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How To Choose The High Quality Aluminum Tread Plate?
Dec 09, 2017

Aluminum tread plate is widely used in our many industries. Three bars aluminum tread plate, five bars aluminum tread plate, one bar aluminum tread plate, diamond pattern aluminum plate are common varieties. Aluminum tread plate is widely used in the construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other fields. With more and more domestic manufacturers, the quality of aluminum tread plate is different. How to choose the high quality aluminum tread plate?

image.pngaluminum tread plate.jpg

Firstly, checking the thickness. The quality of the selected aluminum plate, its thickness, strength, thickness of the oxide film should be in line with national standards: aluminum thickness ≥ 1.2mm, tensile strength ≥ 157 N / mm 2, yield strength ≥ 108 N / mm 2, the oxide film Thickness ≥10 microns. If you can not meet the standard, it is poor quality aluminum plate.

Secondly, checking the processing. Regular aluminum factory production aluminum tread plate, the surface is bright and clean, pattern clear and tidy, aluminum tread plate surface without oil, scratches, injuries and other defects; and the small factory aluminum tread plate, use aluminum scrap material, surface is dull, the pattern is not clear, irregular, uneven surface, performance is not standard, poor quality.

image.pngaluminum tread plate.jpg

Thirdly, checking the price. Aluminum tread plate is divided into pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, the price is not the same. The price of aluminum alloy is higher than pure aluminum, aluminum prices of regular manufacturers than the inferior aluminum 20% -30% higher. Enterprises in the procurement, should not be single than the price to buy unqualified products, then regret it.

Fourthly, checking the service. From the manufacturer's production line to the company's workshop, the middle to go through the packaging, loading, transportation, storage, open package. Large-scale, good service providers will carefully pack the material with plastic bags, kraft paper, paper carton board to avoid these problems.