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How To Handle The Infusion Of Aluminum Plate Packaging
Dec 28, 2018

For aluminum plates with high surface requirements, if the package is not treated, the surface will be oxidized and white spots will appear, which will seriously affect the surface quality of the aluminum plate. Therefore, if the package enters the water, it must be treated in time. Below, I will introduce the treatment method of aluminum plate packaging water.

First, open the aluminum plate package and wipe the water with a clean rag. If the aluminum plate with a relatively high surface condition should pay attention to the oil during the wiping process.

Secondly, to ventilate and dry the water, it must be ensured that there is no water stain on the surface of the aluminum plate.

Finally, when the packaging is carried out, the paper is placed on the surface of the aluminum plate and the surface of the plate, and the surface of the aluminum plate that has not been completely dried is adsorbed by the water absorption capacity of the paper.

For aluminum panels, moisture protection is an important aspect of storage. Although the packaging of aluminum panels will use waterproof plastic fabrics and moisture-proofing agents, if it encounters rain during transportation, the packaging water needs to be treated as soon as possible.