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Main Factors In Determining Aluminum Sheet Prices
Mar 27, 2017

First grade aluminum single board: aluminum magnesium alloy, while contains part manganese, the material maximum of advantages is anti-oxidation capacity good, while because has manganese of content, so has must of strength and stiffness, is do smallpox most ideal of material. domestic of Southwest aluminum factory aluminum processing of performance most stable. second grade aluminum single board: aluminum manganese alloy, the material strength and stiffness slightly is better than aluminum magnesium alloy. but anti-oxidation capacity is slightly lower than aluminum magnesium alloy. as on both sides are for protection processing, basically solution its anti-oxidation capacity than aluminum magnesium alloy good of shortcomings, Domestic Swiss min aluminum industry of aluminum processing performance most stable. third grade: the alloy of manganese, and magnesium content less. so its strength and the stiffness are obviously below aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy. due to its partial soft, easy processing, as long as reached must thickness, basic can meet smallpox most basic of plane degrees requirements. but its anti-oxidation capacity obviously than aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy. and processing transport and the installation process in the easy deformation.