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Single Aluminum And Double Curved Aluminum Sheet How To Distinguish
Mar 27, 2017

Our common wavy aluminium Panel is a single aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum sheet what is it? Double song aluminum single board refers to of is two a different of arc in with a panel Shang overlap that is from a different of Center starting into two a RADIUS painting out of arc, regardless of is singles aluminum single Board also is double song aluminum single Board of production processing process are is quite complex, whole processing process on processing manufacturers of hardware and software are has is big of requirements, General small of processing business is production can't arc aluminum single Board of, large manufacturers is this capacity. Many people thought arc aluminum single board is nothing more than is has must radian of aluminum single board, but, arc aluminum single board can subdivision for singles aluminum single board, and double song aluminum single board, and spherical aluminum single board,, its process difficulty is gradually complex of, first to for overall radian calculation, again with laser seamless welding, polishing polished,, formed a surface or spherical body, whole processing process and follow-up of surface roast paint are very took consumption workers, cost natural also not cheap.