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The Advantages Of Aluminum Ring
Jun 22, 2017

Aluminum ring actually contains other metals, such as iron, so should be called aluminum alloy wheels. Ordinary iron and ordinary aluminum ring compared to the iron ring toughness, hardness is poor, aluminum ring is the opposite, good hardness but toughness is poor. So the driver will find the ravages on the road after the devastation, the ring did not change, will be close to 100km / hr speed began to shake, Aluminum Circle because it is stamping, contour, the quality of the weight is not accurate, Resulting in unbalanced moment of inertia and jitter.

Aluminum ring generally no high-speed jitter phenomenon

In order to strengthen the brake system cooling, leaving a lot of cooling holes, while weakening the strength of the ring, making the impact resistance when the impact of deterioration. Aluminum Circle But the low cost of stamping production is its main advantage, in the basic models are equipped with iron.

Aluminum ring is generally no high-speed jitter phenomenon, because it is casting molding, the need to detect the internal cavity, and the embryo outside the turning, contour and quality accuracy is high, the results of a better balance than the ring. And the aluminum ring of light weight, Aluminum Circle can be made thicker than the ring, but also on the acceleration performance of the vehicle with points effect.

A mention of aluminum wheels, I believe that many people the most intuitive impression on the light and beautiful, in fact, in addition to light, the aluminum alloy wheel heat is good this big advantage is often overlooked, on Xiaobian view, aluminum alloy cooling Good this advantage to bring the safety and reduce the cost of tire brakes is the biggest advantage of aluminum wheels.

In fact, aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers in the promotion of the advantages of aluminum ring up to mention is the "light" and "good heat", "light" from the most intuitive weight, Aluminum Circle coupled with the weight of the charges, lightweight heat today, aluminum The biggest advantage of "lightweight" is the most mentioned, "good heat" this advantage is ignored.

● safety first aluminum ring heat better and more secure

● aluminum coil cooling performance is 3 times the steel ring

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 167 W / m.K, the heat transfer coefficient of steel is 50 W / m.K, W is heat; M is material thickness; K is temperature. The thermal conductivity is defined as the amount of energy per unit length per K, which can be transmitted. The larger the value, the better the thermal conductivity is. We can see that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times the steel, Aluminum Circle indicating that the thermal conductivity of aluminum than steel 3 times.

● aluminum ring heat effectively to avoid puncture

In the summer hot weather, long driving or frequent braking, if the wheel cooling effect is poor, will lead to increased wheel temperature, high heat expansion and contraction with the water evaporation in the air can easily lead to increased tire pressure, high speed Turning, or bad road conditions, Aluminum Circle tire force can easily lead to puncture. Heat a good aluminum ring can effectively reduce the risk of puncture.

● aluminum ring heat to ensure good braking performance

There is a certain driving experience of the card friends are aware that a long time the brake will lead to the wheel "hot recession" caused by the terrible state of brake failure. Aluminum ring good heat dissipation performance is equivalent to each side of the brake drum plus two heat sinks, can quickly let the brake drum cool down, to avoid prolonged braking brake drum overheating to avoid brake failure.

● Aluminum ring impact does not produce spark safety

Aluminum ring in the case of fierce collision will not be like a steel ring as a spark, which is a lot of dangerous goods transport vehicles choose one of the reasons for aluminum wheels.

● aluminum ring heat better province tire brake pads

High temperature in addition to the impact of vehicle safety, but also reduce the life of vehicle tires and brake pads, aluminum ring good thermal performance of the brake system is not high temperature materials and tires have a better protective effect, thus greatly reducing the tire wear , Extend the tire mileage, reduce the brake system maintenance costs.