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The Characteristics Of Aluminum Foil
Jul 06, 2017

Aluminum foil is a kind of metal foil directly into a sheet of hot stamping material, the hot stamping effect and the effect of pure silver foil stamping, it is also known as false silver foil. As the texture of aluminum is soft, good ductility, with silver and white luster, if the calendering after the film, with sodium silicate and other substances mounted on the offset paper made of aluminum foil, but also for printing. Aluminum Foil But the foil itself is easy to oxidize and darken the color, friction, touch and so will fade, it is not suitable for long-term preservation of the book cover and other hot stamping.

Aluminum foil because of its excellent characteristics, widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, drugs, photographic floor, household necessities, etc., usually used as packaging materials; electrolytic capacitor materials; construction, vehicles, ships, Aluminum Foil houses and other insulation materials; As the decoration of the gold and silver lines, wallpaper and all kinds of stationery printed matter and light industrial products, such as decorating trademarks. Among the above-mentioned various applications, it is possible to exert the aluminum foil performance point most effectively as a packaging material. Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, Aluminum Foil not only has moisture-proof, airtight, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless advantages, but also because of its elegant silver-white luster, easy to process a variety of colors and beautiful patterns Pattern, and thus more vulnerable to people's favor.

The specific gravity of aluminum foil is 2.7. Aluminum foil weight = thickness * 2.7kg * area. Such as 0.05mm aluminum foil has 30 square meters, then the weight is = 0.05 * 2.7 * 30 = 4.05kg.

Usually there are two kinds of aluminum foil cutting blade. One is a round blade, one is a chip-style blade also known as razor. The razor blade is fixed to a point, with the material being wound and cut off, cut open. Aluminum foil for the active cutting, the faster the blade resistance is relatively small. Aluminum Foil The more slowly the opposite. The thickness of the blade corresponds to the resistance. The thicker the blade, the greater the resistance. The thinner the opposite. As the razor blade is fixed, knife and foil, thin material contact, the point is prone to fatigue, so after a period of time will be sharp knife edge, knife blunt will appear tearing phenomenon, Burnt is inevitable. Of course, these are also related to the cutting angle. Selection of good razor blades is the first choice to solve these problems, ceramic blades should be preferred.

At present, all aluminum foil enterprises want to process high value-added battery foil, but the battery foil acceptance standards are harsh. Representative lithium battery companies like: BYD, ATL, A123 batteries business, the acceptance of aluminum standards called harsh. On the foil requirements of high, but also on the wide, dust, Alice is also harsh in the harsh. So the production is not high battery foil business, Aluminum Foil after processing cutting rate, is essential.

Ceramic and steel blade distinction] In the high-speed cutting, the steel blade heat dissipation coefficient is poor, the higher the cutting speed, the greater the coefficient of friction, resulting in more heat will be trapped in the steel blade heat more. During the process of cutting the foil and the blade will produce heat, part of the heat with the roll has been dispersed at room temperature, while the other part of the heat to stay in the steel blade, and is the cumulative heat, the longer the cutting time, the more speed High, Aluminum Foil stay on the blade will be more heat. So that the blade and heat conduction to the foil, it formed a foil heat transfer, because this time the blade has been high temperature and then contact with the foil will produce dust sticks, so that the blade to the sharpness, the formation of powder, Alice The While the blade overheating will make the blade lost the original hardness, and the loss of durability and sharpness, resulting in powder, lotus leaf and so on. The ceramic blade, Aluminum Foil at room temperature work, no static load, good heat dissipation. Ceramics itself is commonly used lubricants. This is also one of the reasons why ceramic inserts are more durable than German coated blades. There are ceramic inserts this is a high hardness, hardness in the Mohs 9, second only to the diamond. High-speed cutting in the ceramic comes with lubrication function, in the cut 4 hours after the blade and foil, thin material friction but more sharp. This is another part of the durability. At present, such as Hangzhou Ding Sheng, aluminum Luoyang aluminum foil, Luoyang Longding, Nanshan Aluminum has been aware of the ceramic blade can reduce the cutting of aluminum powder in more than 50%.