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The Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Cold Rolling And Hot Rolling
Aug 23, 2017

      Casting aluminum plate (cold-rolled aluminum plate) is to melt aluminum ingots and other raw materials into aluminum water. The aluminum water directly inflow the two large rollers. The rollers cast the aluminum water into aluminum billet (usually it’s 8mm thickness of aluminum sheet and aluminum coil). The aluminum billet will be changed into regular used aluminum sheet or aluminum coil by cold rolling machine. The drawback of casting is prone to water ripples.       

        Hot-rolled plate is to melt aluminum ingots and other raw materials into aluminum water. The aluminum water inflows to a square mold to make it into aluminum billet (that is, deep well ingot). Generally speaking, the aluminum billet is very thick, it’s about 200-300mm. Aluminum billet will be put into the oven to heat for several hours(also called homogenization). Finally it needs planing, hot rolling and then cold rolling and so on. That’s why the hot rolled aluminum material is more stable on performance than cold rolled aluminum material. In terms of cost, hot rolled aluminum increases the homogenization process and needs oil heating, so the cost is higher