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The Special Control Of Air Pollution In Autumn And Winter Is Launched Soon. The Environmental Protection Credit Rating Is High, And Enterprises Can Be Exempted From Production.
Nov 04, 2018

From November to the end of February of each year, the Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department will start special control of air pollution in autumn and winter in the province, that is, take peak measures for early warning of air pollution, stop production, limit production, and stop work for heavy polluting enterprises and dust pollution sites. Reduce local pollution emissions. In the next week, this year's fall and winter special control will start, but this year is more humane than in previous years. The Office of the Joint Conference on Air Pollution Prevention and Control has issued a document to clarify that enterprises that meet environmental protection requirements, protect people's livelihood and have high environmental protection credit ratings can be exempted from implementation of production suspension and production restriction.

According to the document, the pollution emission level is obviously better than other enterprises in the same industry or enterprises involved in major people's livelihood security. Under the premise of ensuring compliance with environmental management requirements and emission standards, the implementation of the autumn and winter peak production plan in Jiangsu Province will be exempted from implementation. , or limit production; or in the process of emergency control of heavy pollution weather, if the original warning response level requires production suspension, it shall be exempted from implementation of production stoppage, and the production limit shall be implemented according to the proportion of low-limit production.

Under what conditions can companies exempt production from production cuts? “The requirements for exemption are very fine and strict.” According to relevant persons from the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, enterprises are required to apply for suspension of production exemption, in addition to meeting the four basic conditions of industrial policy, environmental credit rating, sewage permit and stable compliance, and environmental basis. 7 categories of facilities, steel industry, cement industry, building materials industry (including industrial furnaces), electrolytic aluminum and other industries, petrochemical industry and other industries, to meet specific industry exemption conditions, "taking the steel industry as an example, the sintering production line is stable and super If it is low-emission, it can be exempted."

For the protection of people's livelihood, major livelihood security projects can also apply for exemption. For example, public coal-fired power plants have achieved stable and ultra-low emission of flue gas, and waste gas from waste-to-energy and hazardous waste incineration enterprises can stably discharge pollutants.

The environmental credit rating has been included in the consideration of application for exemption this year. In addition, companies that are strategic emerging industries can apply for exemption if they meet the basic requirements of environmental protection. The enterprises that do not approve the exemption, the provincial Environmental Protection Department also gave a clear scope: the industrial enterprises listed in the "disintegration" list, the production process, technology, and products belong to the "Jiangsu Province Industrial Structure Adjustment Restriction, Elimination and Prohibition Catalogue" .

In accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency, enterprises must apply to the local Environmental Protection Agency. The reporter learned from the atmosphere of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that as of yesterday, no enterprises in Nanjing had applied for an exemption.