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What Are The Important Features And Advantages Of Aluminum Foil Bags
Nov 13, 2017

Aluminum foil can not be used alone with the plastic film can be combined together. Aluminum foil food packaging bags are high-grade food packaging industry, aluminum foil food packaging bags have high temperature, anti-puncture, deformation and other important features and advantages.

 Aluminum foil bags made of PE / AL / PE / CPP combination made of each other, PE printing effect, AL barrier properties, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner, CPP high temperature cooking inner use. The use of aluminum foil material purity is very high, must reach 99.99%, almost no impurities, but the use of aluminum foil because of the existence of small pores, rarely used alone, to be used together with the plastic film bonding.

Made of aluminum foil bags made for food, cosmetic, machinery, electronics, lubricants and other industries, made of aluminum foil into the benefits of food bags are the following:

1, high temperature (up to 121 degrees), low temperature (minus 50 degrees), some used for high temperature cooking food bags can use the material

2, good oil resistance and baohong performance is particularly outstanding

3, barrier performance is excellent, barrier air performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof

4, heat sealing performance, high softness

5, made of aluminum foil made of food packaging bags to non-toxic and tasteless food, health and safety standards in line with national health standards

The thickness of the aluminum foil material is generally between 70-180 microns, according to different uses, the size of the product packaging made into different processes, as long as the aluminum foil food packaging bag sealing process has three sides, self-reliance bags, zipper bags, Bag, Yin and Yang bags and other different processes