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What Issues Should We Pay Attention To When Exporting Aluminum Plate?
Dec 12, 2017

With the continuous growth of export volume of aluminum sheet, a variety of issues will also appear. We will talk about what issues should we pay attention to when we exporting aluminum plate.

  1. The first thing to say is the packaging. Export shipping has worse environment than ground transportation. Winds and waves can not be avoided when shipping the aluminum sheet on the ocean, so the aluminum packaging must be sealed tightly, and thoughtful protection. We have encountered several times the container into the water so that the aluminum was soaked, or aluminum plate collide extrusion damage occurs. Therefore, the aluminum manufacturers of foreign trade products packaging should be more cautious.

aluminum sheet  (23).jpgaluminum sheet.jpg

  2. Followed by the label to be accurate. In the aluminum packaging, be sure to affix a good label, such as product name, type, quantity, origin, etc., not only easy to count the number, but also easy to check the clearance.

  3. To make sure the shipping time. Sea transport is not land transport, 10 days, or even 20 days floating in the sea are normal, so for departure, arrival time must be confirmed repeatedly to remind customers to declare customs clearance in time, do not delay use.

  4.To make sure that when the ship arrives, the country will not during their holidays. Many national holidays, such as Christmas in Europe and America, Muslims during Ramadan, the production activities will be affected, so advance prevention and reduce the impact.